Flex Group Program


NEW - Flex Group Program 

With our new Flex Group Program, group members will have the flexibility to come on as many group trips and pay individually for each visit.  They will receive a unique group code from their group coordinator giving them special group pricing for a specific night of the week in January and February.  Available to all members of families within the group, members will pre-register and pay for each visit online.  This is designed for groups that will be taking individual transportation to the hill. 


20/21 Season

Mon or Wed Nights


Friday Nights 


Lift Ticket*



Ski or Board Rental





Beginner Lesson**



*6 & under free with paid adult ticket | **At least 7-day pre-registration required before each visit for ages 7-17 only


How It Works

For The Group Leader: 

  • Select the night of the week you want your group to come.  The program is offered beginning the week of January 4th and ending the week of February 22nd (8 weeks).
  • The group leader will select a night of the week (for example: If you select Tuesday, the participants will have the ability to purchase the discounted pricing every Tuesday, Jan 5th to Feb 22nd.)
  • Set up your online group portal. Our group coordinator (Lizzy) will work with you to set up the online portal for your participants. 
  • Email your prospective group members. You will send all prospective participants inviting them and their families to register through the online portal using the unique group code supplied by our group salesperson.

For The Group Participants: 

  • Participants will receive the email inviting them to the group.  
  • Go to https://shop.rocksnowpark.com/groups to put in your unique group code.  
  • This code will give you access to purchase discounted lift tickets, rentals, and lessons for the night of the week your group coordinator selected.  
  • Pre-purchase as many or as few of the nights as you wish, and you can always sign up for more later.
  • Complete waivers, payment, and RFID ticket number (if you have one) and show up. 


To schedule a group outing you may request a group reservation by clicking below. Our groups' coordinator, Lizzy, will be in contact with you (please allow up to 72 hours for a response). 



 Request Flex Group Reservation  

Groups must pre-register and pre-pay at least two weeks in advance to receive these discounts. Sales tax of 5.5% will be added to all lift tickets, rentals, lessons, and meals unless you present a tax-exempt form at the time of payment.



Flex Group Program FAQs

When is it available?  

The program runs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights in January and February 2020 beginning the week of January 4th and ending the week of February 22nd.  


Is it only available to students?
No, it is available to all group members and their families. (Group beginner lessons are only available for participants aged 7-17. Participants aged 6 & under or 18+ are encouraged to book a private lesson.)


Do I have to come on the night of the week our group coordinator selected?

Yes. This special pricing is only available for that specific night in January and February. The goal is still to create the group environment and to ski and ride together with your friends and family.  


Do I have to come for all 8 weeks? 

Absolutely not! Come one time, all 8 times, or anywhere in between.  


Do I have to book in advance?  

If you are taking a beginner lesson, you must book at least 7 days in advance. If you are not taking a lesson, you can book up to the day of.  


What type of lessons are offered?

The ski and snowboard lessons offered through the Flex Group Program are only beginner lessons for ages 7-17.  At The Rock, we run Open Zone Lessons Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 4:30-7pm. This allows each participant to advance at their own pace through the zones to maximize their learning. Participants can arrive as early as 4pm but must be on the beginner hill, ready to go by 6pm, in order to receive a 1-hour lesson.  If you are aged 6 & under or 18+, or if you are looking for a more advanced lesson, you can book a private lesson HERE.  


Do I have to find my own transportation? 
That is up to your group coordinator, and we have no issues with bussing, but the program is designed for individual transportation.  


What about COVID?

As a resort, we are taking many precautions relating to COVID-19.  You can find our policies HERE.  We do ask that you follow the guest responsibilities portion of our COVID-19 plan.  If you have pre-booked a visit and have symptoms, have tested positive, or have been in contact with someone that has, contact us prior to your visit to transfer to another date or receive a refund.  To receive a refund or transfer you must contact us PRIOR to your scheduled visit.  


How is this different from the 4-Time Group Program

The 4-time group program is 100% pre-paid for four specific dates.  The Flex Group Program offers group members the opportunity to come between 1 and 8 times and sign up as they go.  


Is the Flex Group Program more expensive than the 4-Time Group Program?

In exchange for the flexibility offered, the cost per visit for Flex Group Program is slightly more expensive than 4-Time Groups. The 4-Time Group Program is our most affordable option. 


For additional questions, please contact Lizzy, our Group Sales Coordinator.

414-235-8818 x 111 OR groups@rocksnowpark.com

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